Elizabeth Edge, LCSW, CSAT-S, CPTT-S

Elizabeth Edge, LCSW, CSAT-S, CPTT-S

Elizabeth’s Edge: No-Nonsense and Dynamic

I can’t say that I ever wanted to be a therapist, but I guess Harry didn’t really want to be a wizard either. The reality is in my early twenties, I was a mess. I am not sure how I got into the mess and I certainly did not how to get out of it. I was at a top college one year and the next year a college dropout  in Colorado. The turmoil I was in could not be fixed by substances, athletics or relationships. I am not even sure how it all worked, but I showed up to individual therapy, group therapy, and meetings. I definitely wasn’t a “good” client, and I argued with almost every possible intervention, but I wanted help and I was willing to do what was asked of me even if I didn’t believe it.  

Gratefully, I am opening a center to specifically help people advance and strengthen their recovery and creating a space to talk and share about self, love, and relationship struggles.  At this time,  I know this is the work that I am called to do and I am honored to be on this journey with you.

As one of the first female CSATs in the area, my focus has been with women who struggle with toxic relationships, romantic intrigue, and love addiction. With my training from Smith College School of Social Work and my experience working at Talbott Recovery Campus for 15 years, I integrate psychodynamic, family systems, cognitive behavioral, DBT skills along with 12 step recovery to push you to realize their personal truths. Pia Mellody’s work provides a strong framework for the clinical work I do. I am also trained in EMDR to help with trauma resolution that is often present in people who struggle with addiction. Edge to Edge Center helps you tolerate the anxiety of the “in between” and connects the edge of who you are to the edge of who you are becoming.

“I’ve heard you’re a therapy superhero.”
~ client

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